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I am a recently certified drone pilot with a burning desire to spread the word. The drone industry is taking off in a such a great way that it is creating a whole new array of career opportunities. I took the Drone Ground Pilot Class in late 2018. The information the course  provided was everything I needed to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test for a Remote Pilot Certificate. The practice tests were exactly like the FAA test. As a result of taking the course I passed the first time. The cost for the course is minimal. The best I found in the market when comparing to other programs I researched. If you are a working professional this is the course to take. It is at your own pace, the material is diverse to all learning styles, and once your done with the course they keep you updated with the latest drone industry news to date. 

If your in an industry that needs to get "the big picture" to get the job done, become a certified drone pilot. Professions such as police officers, fire fighters, insurance claims adjusters, private security, construction, surveyors, roofing, real estate photography, and many others, the list goes on!! Don't leave money on the table. Drone pilots can earn up to $50- $250 an hour if not more. The industry is wide open to get started now as it is growing at a tremendous rate. Aside from doing the outstanding job you currently perform, I encourage you to add certified drone pilot to your portfolio. If you just purchased a drone for fun, take the course to really understand the importance of being safe and knowing regulatory laws that are in place to share the airways.  

There is no time like the present to invest in yourself. 

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- Earn money as a independent drone pilot 

-  Increase your income by adding to your portfolio

- Stand out among others in current your industry  

- Work drone projects independently in different industries

- Money is not left on the table 

Become a certified drone pilot. The Drone Pilot Ground School will prepare you to pass the FAA test. Time to fly in the sky to get your piece of the pie.  

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