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Get to know your drone practice basic skills on a consistent basis especially when you know how to safely fly in the sky. The day I purchased my first drone I thought all I have to do calibrate, charge, and fly. Well to my surprise I crashed it within the first 24 hour time period no joke. The excitement got the best of me. This amazing small aircraft was about to be in my control flying high with the birds in the sky. I now am a certified drone pilot that has learned the hard way of what not to do. I created this site to encourage new drone owners, hobbyist, drone pilots, and all others to practice safe flying skills at all times. I have created what I call Ski Walker Drone Safety Practices to promote safety awareness when flying.

  • Know the rules when flying your drone. In the U.S. we are regulated by the FAA which has set the guidelines for flying drones.
  • Get to know your drone practice basic skills on a consistent basis.
  • Properly inspect your drone before flight and after flight.
  • Invest in at least two extra batteries for your drone.
  • Make sure you visually clear the sky before you fly. 

The drone industry is exploding with a wide selection of drones to choose to capture the perfect moment for your flight mission. Career opportunities are increasing as the demand for aerial footage is needed. The FAA predicts the outlook for drone pilots will be over 400,000 by the year of 2021.  Whether a hobbyist just looking to take photos of trains etc. ,a photographer adding to wedding photos, a first responder utilizing a drone to save a life or prevent a treat, a drone pilot inspecting a power line, a insurance claim adjuster assessing damages, the list could go on there is a specific drone made just for your specific needs. All of which have one thing in common safely flying in the sky.

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- Reduce the risk of flying in prohibited areas.

- Develop good routine to follow each time you fly.

- Ensure the aircraft to keep your drone operating properly.

- There will always be a spare battery available immediately.

- Reduce the risk of crashing into objects  

Become a certified drone pilot. The Drone Pilot Ground School will prepare you to pass the FAA test. Time to fly in the sky to get your piece of the pie.

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